20 March, 2010

planes, trains, and not so many automobiles

I'm back for ONE night between London audition and Southern France audition.
Sang a Koenigin tonight that went really well. It COULD be my last one of the season- unless they add more shows- like they did for these past few months.
So, if it's the last one, I went out with a bang. If not, I still have the opportunity to rock it once again..maybe in a few months.

I am a bit physically tired from the planes and trains and connections and passport control (the UK almost didn't let me in), but not at all vocally. I know that when I come back home on Tuesday I'll feel exhausted, but right now I am full of energy, and excited for the next audition.
And the next and next one--in April.
And of course upcoming-opera--which I still have to review and memorize some standard cuts that we are opening.

Otherwise, feeling generally busy, generally good, and generally happy.

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