18 January, 2009


Hello from our first sitzprobe. I've been sitting here with trusty iPhone games and the internets while the parts are sorted, the sixteenth pickups are changed to eighths, the cuts are reiterated, and the orchestra gets a feel for what it's actually supposed to sound like instead of just playing fiiiive---onnnnneeee. Rest rest rest. Fiiiive-one.
It's always fun to hear the orchestra for the first time. It brings one more level of excitement to the upcoming performances. Another layer to work with and add to the already changing rehearsal process now that we are in the theater
What does that mean?
Well the first night of tech Is always a bit hectic
Are there railings on the 2nd floor entrance to the set? How steep ARE those stairs that were previously marked in purple tape on a black tarp?
Do I have enough time for the crosses and to cross behind the set?
Last night was the usual stop and start. But that's ok. It's part of the process. It makes me concentrate more instead of relaxing into the show like I may have these last few runs in the rehearsal room.
The theater, as always, is every temperature from hot under lights to freezing backstage. Always dusty but hey, I'm not complaining. I've learned that almost every morning after the first time in the theater I'll wake up stuffy or just feeling weird. And allergic to everyhing. And a week later it won't matter at all and will feel like we've been there the whole time.
Everything as usual for a first tech.
Backups slowdowns speedups and then on Tuesday I'm sure we will settle into a rhythm.
Now back to the music rehearsal- almost singthu of finale time!

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