10 April, 2008

the time has come

yes, it's time for Robitussin.
My nose has been stuffy for three days, it hasn't gone down to my throat, but NOW I have a dry cough...NOT cool. If I don't nip this in the bud right now, it could easily get worse.
Luckily, I was able to sing my audition today. I woke up early, felt ok, warmed up, and the only thing that I really noticed was that because I was stuffy my m's and n's got a bit stuck. Otherwise my voice sounded fine (I assume..I mean, no problems warming up, no holes, no nothing out of the ordinary) and I sang a nice Zerbinetta and Oscar.

Headed back for rehearsal here and things really started to deteriorate. Nose always stuffy, eyes watering (is this ALLERGIES now?!!) and throat itching/dry cough...shoot, does sound like allergies.

But what can I do besides push fluids, and alternate as much mucinex and robitussin (now) as possible?

I hope I can avoid coughing. I usually can. But I want to SOOOO badly.
But I won't.
I'll try.

I don't even FEEL that badly....I can SING! Except I need like 4 tissues a minutes.


Susan said...

Is it a drip that's making you cough? Sudafed is great for that. You have to get it at the counter, show 17 different forms of photo ID and sign away your first born but it's worth it. It is drying so you'd have to drink even more water to make up for that... Hope you feel better soon!

me said...

you're right, except that I try to avoid Sudafed because it's so drying..and if I have to sing, that could be more perilous than just feeling stuffy--but yes, I did break down and take one sudafed today (don't have to sing until 1pm tomorrow)...followed by some tussin. Yummmy.