28 April, 2008


Not doing much better tonight in terms of that whole..getting to bed thing.

The sitz today was lovely. (shhh, I recorded most of it on my minidisc player)..but it doesn't really matter--nothing that can be excerpted because we had a bunch of starts and stops PLUS the smart-alecks that were pressing record for me decided to have fun little conversations into the recorder--DURING the musical interludes of the arias--thanks guys. I appreciate your language and your topics of discussion.

This week is going to be a bit crazy..but only in terms of transportation to and from the city--not performance-wise.
I have to be here for rehearsal tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday, get in my car wednesday and drive to nyc, have a really really and I mean REALLY early morning rehearsal on thursday, another rehearsal thursday afternoon, and then perform in concert 1 on Friday, say hello to the family and friends that are congregating from ALL over the place to see this (better not screw up! haha), hang for a bit after the show, go to some donor's house, try to sleep (probably impossible)..since the NEXT day I'll be driving back for opening night of current-opera!

Oh yea, with an added competition that I have to drive back and forth to the city on Tuesday.
I'm still debating that one..but I really should do it. There is no reason not to, really.
Already in the semifinals.

ps- do you know how many infomercials are on major networks between the hours of midnight and 3am? I guess I do now!

BORING. Why can't I get a channel that has perpetual law and order episodes that I
a.have not seen
b. do not remember the end
c. think i have not seen and then realize during Trial Part 49 (chung chung...) that indeed, I do remember that cross examination and verdict.

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