24 April, 2008

25 things

Ooooh, can I play too? Lil'Ms.Bossy via some other fun blogs and lists came up with her 25, so here is my attempt:

25 (or so..we'll see if I can come up with around that number) things to do--before, no, not before I go, but just to do. In life. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

1. Learn how to bake a dessert that will make everyone that eats it ask for the recipe, henceforth becoming known as 'coloraturaaah's dessert', and served among their friends and families to the delight of all of the guests.

2. Rent a car (learn how to drive stick) and drive really really fast on the autobahn in Germany and then stop at cute towns that the express/intercity trains never stop at to be a tourist for an afternoon.

3. Publish my book (this requires finishing writing and editing it first).

4. Spend a summer visiting as many of my 'facebook' friends as possible IRL (in real life).

5. Play in a celebrity tennis tournament.

6. Spend one week as a 'survivor' on some island in some tropical locale (and then be promptly picked up by boat, ON time, by the company that offers that kind of 'extreme tourism' package).

7. Raise a lot of money and support for a cause that I believe in.

8. Have three, beautiful and healthy blue-eyed babies (preferably 2 years apart each).

9. Live in The City. Live in The Burbs.

10. Have the opportunity to work abroad and the excuse to live abroad for one year and split my time in Paris, Milan, and Munich. (And visit everywhere else on the weekends).

11. Overcome my fear of rollercoasters, ziplining, and parasailing. (heights?) But really, I don't think I'm scared of heights in general...hmmm...

12. Speak fluently and accent-less to 'native speakers' in all of the languages I speak and study.

13. Release a cd of Porter, Gerswhin, and Berlin songs for jazz trio: voice, bass and piano. Maybe drums. We'll see.

14. Fly first class on an international flight.

15. Write poetry again, like I did when I was a kid and didn't even know what I was doing.

16. Perfect one Chopin etude on the piano. And Beethoven's 6 Bagatelles.

17. Learn to love high heels. (thanks to the hotttness of Armani on sale)

18. Go to the gym 3 days a week for one whole year. (hahahahahaha....)

19. Sing Zerbinetta in a crazy European (but not Euro-trash) production that involves acrobatics and upside down singing- preferably on very high notes.

20. Start the libretto for my opera. Finish the libretto for my musical.

21. Tell the ones who count how much I love them.

22. Find someone to leave love-notes for underneath his pillow.!!

23. Print out all of my digital pictures and put them in albums and scrapbooks.

24. Drink hot tea without first putting some cold water in it.

25. Fall asleep (as often as possible) to the sounds of the waves from the Mediterranean.


Anonymous said...

Can this survivor island thing be done completely in Regency era get up and you must abide by the social rules of 1812?

me said...

hahaha...surely--and ps, I'm watching the Tudors tonight via netflicks