16 July, 2006


Two huge blows in two days.
One- professional. Yesterday at rehearsal for a certain performance the whole cast was basically demoralized by one of the directors. We had just had an amazing rehearsal- the first one in a LONG time- long being a week of five rehearsals that involved the cast being a little non-enthusiastic due to a very grueling and not happy rehearsal and blocking/staging process. Nothing was said to anyone's face, but the attitudes of some may not have been the best.
Well, we got chewed out for it, and told that we would do this the directors way come hell or high water and we'd better shut up and get with it.
And that is the censored 30 second clip version of the 5 minute verbal abuse.

Two-personal. Let's just leave it at that since I have my private diaries to write down the would-be thoughts that I wanted to be sharing with the love of my life about our communication problem this summer.

Run-throughs for the show start Monday. Better get some sleep this weekend and buy a week's worth of food since I know I'll be in the theater or in rehearsals and coachings from 10am-10pm every day this week.



Gregory said...

Sorry to hear that you've been through it this week. Hope it gets better.

me said...

yes, the weekend calmed things a bit down, and things are better on both fronts.