30 July, 2006


Tonight was the opening night (after a preview night) for our musical review here. It was pouring rain, thundering and lightening, but we pulled in almost a full house at 10:30pm and did a really nice job--and (gasp!) had a lot of fun!
I always wished that I could be NOT the ingenue character in musical theater. I was never Rizzo. Always Sandra D. Maybe it's the look, the high voice, whatever...but it's not the temperment or the lack of a belt!!! This time it was no different- the Bride, the love interest, the love-duets, etc... But when we got to Anything You Can Do and I finally got to rip out that high B and C I felt pretty good about all those musical theater years that I left behind--from listening to Guys and Dolls and Jekyll and Hyde Every day in Highschool, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (and wishing I was the Narrator) in Middle School, and just loving any old time movie musical and theater musical that I could get to.

It's fun, it's easy, and yes, I do remember why I didn't pursue it- dancing!!!!
I never took lessons! I can learn combinations and get it together for a show (with rehearsals and more rehearsals) but I'm not one of those people that know what a sautee something or other is to the left. I actually enjoy it once I know that I know it, but the process of doing something that I KNOW I'm not necessarily good at right off the bat is really challenging and daunting.
It makes me want to take adult ballet and theater dance classes. Maybe after this next move if I have time.

Dance 3? Looks...???


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Gregory said...


I love musicals. Still do. But what am I going to do besides tour Mary Sunshine for the rest of my life? No thanks. (Though, I, too, have a hidden talent for belting that we'll try not to let the world in on, OK?)

And dance! Though I was a pretty good tapper, decent at jazz, and I could sell any number given me, my guts were always in a vice in ballet.

I'm so happy where my life has taken me.