02 May, 2006


Why is it that whenever you have a show coming up everything just starts to move a little bit faster around you?
We open this weekend. My nights are filled with dress rehearsals, my days with classes that are winding down- only to herald the upcoming exit exams, students' juries...and there is still that small matter of packing up, moving out, finding ONE more pianist for ONE last concert here, and oh yea, learning and memorizing the music for the summer!

This weekend I threw out everything in my fridge--which wasn't much in the first place--and once again began, re-began, re-committed...whatever..decided to try and be a taaad more healthy about things.
So today- apples, salads, strawberries, hard boiled egg (needed some protein!), more fruit more salad with chicken...and even (gasp) some ballet and situps.
I'm not sure how long this will last but it SURE would be nice if it would help me tweak the bod into summer mode.
The thing about setting long term OR short term goals with me--well, food wins out. I do love me some grub. And it's not like I even eat pasta all the time- actually it's more like almost never. Healthy, less healthy, whatever..gimme! And it's also that horrid late night eating once I get home from rehearsal and have the most energy ever.
Last night I didn't even go to sleep until well past 2am.
I'll try for more like midnight this evening. That is if I can get offline from craigslist (new location of next year) and checking my email. Yes. Again.


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