16 November, 2008

yes, virginia, it's 2:40am.

After feeling medicine-y all day, I got it together for my audition.
What follows is the drama.
SO. I'm always SO SO SO early for my auditions. Why? Because I'm a "what if" girl. What if for some reason it takes me 10 minutes instead of 6 to walk to the One?
What if the one JUST passed by and I have to wait 10 more minutes? What if they block off three avenues because Mr. Bush is in town? What if they auditions are running early? (hardly ever heard of), What if it takes me more than 30 seconds to take of my Uggs and put on my heels?

Ok, you get the point.

TODAY. It's 4:35 and I'm leaving for my 5:20 audition that is 23 blocks away.
I get to the one train...and it's running express, skipping the stop I actually need. OK, so I'll take it to Times Sq. and then get on an uptown for 2 stops.
Not. That. Easy.

The uptown doesn't come. Neither express nor local (not that express would help me).
So it's 4:59 and my audition is at 5:20 and I'm running from 42nd street (in my audition outfit and Uggs) to 54th street. THROUGH the insane broadway crowd throngs, through the SLOW-WALKING-TOURISTS, through everyone that does NOT want to get out of my way that minute.

5:13- I'm on the 11th floor of NOLA and I have 7 minutes to catch my breath, dab my face with a paper towel to make it look like I'm NOT sweating, and walk into the room all composed.

5:20- Sing DurchZ.
5:25- WHWHWHWHWAT? Did you just ask for ALL of Zerbinetta? AWESOME!!! I'm SO up for it!
Yes. I will SING all of Zerbinetta for you and love it. And so here I go.
Wow, it's hot in here. Is it just me or is it hot in here?
And then I can feel the sweat running down my face, my hair sticking to my neck, my entire body temperature rising by the minutes (and yes, I had twelve of them for this aria).

Thankfully, nothing vocally or dramatically was deterred. If anything, I committed MORE to the singing and the acting to try and get over what I could feel was my face starting to MORE than just "glow".

I must have looked like I just stepped out of the shower by the time I finished the piece...but I finished strong, and had a great time.

Followed by- a mad dash back to my apt. to SHOWER (again), change clothes, dinner at Punch- downtown with friends from undergrad, one of whom is preggo (yay), another one of whom brought her 4 year old (WEIRD), Some Argentine Jazz in the East Village....(where I can't get by without the Maps icon of my iphone since once the numbered streets and avenues stop I'm pretty useless, and finally- upper west side festivities from midnight onward.

Of course, I know I'm still not 100%, so I did just take a dose of nighttime Duane Reade Nyquil, and I'm sure will be nodding off any minute now.

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