09 November, 2008

broadway and jazz

Last night I sang at a charity event and got to pull out all of my broadway standards and jazzy pieces that I know are crowd pleasers.

It was so nice to get a chance to see people's faces, watch their reactions to favorite showtunes and melodies, their recognition of a certain time and place--where they were when---this Gershwin tune was sung by Ella or Frank.

I pulled out all the stops-- romantic hits from Carousel, Music Man, up-tempo stuff from Guys and Dolls and My Fair Lady, PHANTOM (because everyone needs a little Sarah Brightman impersonations in their lives), and then my favorite Gershwin and Rogers/Hart standards like Bewitched, Someone to watch over me, Embraceable you (this one elicited TEARS of joy from 3 audience members!) The Man I love...etc.

Finally I sang Glitter as my last piece (after about 45 minutes of easy breezy broadway), and happily and amusingly, this piece STILL felt the best out of all of them.
I guess there IS a reason I do this 'opera' thing after all.

Everyone loved all of the music, but what they couldn't stop talking about, even though the standards brought back memories and were more familiar, was the "Opera" voice...and how I do that...and how does it just come out...it was all very cute.

There were actually a few patrons who were very much into opera, knew what they were talking about, had seen all of the "greats" at the "OLD" Met and the new, and it was lovely to get to chat with them after the performance (at a VERY tasty dinner), about how the papers ran "Leontyne IS Aida" the night after her debut, and more.

Back in the city now after a night of having to remember how to DRIVE a CAR (and realizing that my driver's license has been expired since my bday on the 11th of last month) and really looking forward to the auditions that I have scheduled in the next few weeks.

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