30 November, 2008

30 day count down

30 more days in the 'big apple' mean:

30- exact number of days left in my apt.
29- exact number of nights left in my apt.
28- number of times I SHOULD go to the gym.
27- number of times I'll want to not go to the gym.
26- number of quarters I'll need to do my laundry for a month..maybe?
25- number of times I'll hear the crazy dog in the apt. above me run across the hardwood floor at 2am.
24- a good TV show.
23- ok, I can already see that this is going to take way too long, so let's skip to the easier parts:
10- number of friends that want to crash at my place some time between now and the end of audition season. (the more the merrier, right?)
9- number of blocks I have to walk to get to the MET.
8- number of Fridays and Saturdays left to do fun new york-y things.
7- number of days between my last day of work and when I have to be unpacking in another state.
6- number of pages of recit with ONE or TWO lines on it that I haven't memorized...yet.
5- number of keys that I will not have to be lugging around- front door, 2nd door, mail key, and two apt. keys.
4- number of suitcases it will probably take to get my new NYC clothes out of this apt.
3- number of times I will allow myself to have Pinkberry before I leave.
2- number of shows at the MET that I have tickets for (Damnation and Thais), but that could turn to 4 if I see Tristan and Flute in the next month as well.
1- singular sensation, every little step she takes....in NYC.
0- number of DOLLARS in my bank account after living it up in NYC for 4 months

It's all worth it :)

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