11 November, 2008

oh, also

Went to see some more theatRE action this weekend-- Speed the Plow, with Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold from Entourage), that secretary girl from Mad Men, and that other famous guy. Yes, I'm THAT good with names.

A. MAMET is a god among men. His writing style is. There is no adjective or other noun. It just is. It is a being. Beyond comparison. Made me want to go home and read everything he wrote.

B. Although written in the 80s, this felt like a totally up to date rendition, made even funnier by the fact that when Mamet wrote the word "maverick" in the dialogue back and forth three times, he didn't know it would mean to audiences what it means today and forever-more.

C. I am in constant awe of the commitment of the actor in the dramas that I'm getting to see in NYC (THanks to RUSH TICKETS! People, if you don't know about this, GET THEE online and read the fine print...show up to the theatre 2 hrs before curtain, stand in line for 10 minutes, get orchestra seats for 26.50 MOST places).

Commitment. Confidence. Style. It's not acting. It's being. And it's the kind of performance that I want to give whether I'm singing opera, reading a monologue, or, if I ever get the chance, acting just for acting, somewhere...and not singing.

More, later, as I said before, on this 'financial crisis'. Although, I do have to say that while I'll write my reflections on THIS business, with a brother that is still THANKFULLY employed by Goldman Sachs (after 20% of his office was let go last week), I am most certainly aware that this industry is not the first and foremost to feel any kind of crunch whether on wallstreet OR on mainstreet.

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