11 November, 2008

run/jog day 1

40 minutes, treadmill, 3 minute warm up, brisk walking, then alternating 60 seconds running, 2 minutes brisk walk-jog pace for the next 32 minutes, then 5 minutes of cool down.

I didn't feel like hyperventilating at any point. I didn't feel like I was about to die at any point, and I also didn't feel like it was too hard and I'm quitting at any point.

Actually, I watched Oprah, and let me tell you--with only the closed captioning on and no sound, she and all of her guests sounded more like Sarah Palin than I'd like to admit. Every sentence was not completed, or it was a non sequitur.
Seriously. Try watching a muted talk show some time. It was painful.

But since she was promoting Baz's new film "Australia", I got to see one of my favorite pieces of architecture, the Sydney Opera House (not as good as in person).
I got to see how MUCH WORK NICOLE KIDMAN has had.
NOT GOOD. Why can't you just be ok with looking your age? Sad.

Back to the jog-running.
Supposedly on this itunes program I bought (thanks to Rahree, I believe), trains you for a 5k in 8 weeks.

So, day one was today. IF I can keep this up and my ankle doesn't get crazy from my injury about a month and a half ago, I will be quite happy with myself.

I have a feeling that I could get there before the 8 weeks since I easily ran a mile and a half the other day just to warm up, but I'm happy to take it slower and make sure that I am doing something right and with a routine.

Two auditions tomorrow, with office work in between.
The music biz is not the most fun place to be right now if you're an opera company that's not receiving the usual monetary donations from big previous givers, or administrators that are feeling the crunch of budgets, rescheduling shows, bumping bigger and more expensive productions, and of course...the trickle-down effect is---

fewer auditions, fewer jobs, fewer concrete offers, and, sadly, a feeling that many of those 'nyc singers' that are 'trying to make it' after graduation will turn their part time or temping work into a more permanent thing this year and beyond.

More on that when I'm not tired.


Rahree said...

the 5k program is good - watch out in week 3; I think that they skip a rest period for day 3. It was a sad, sad workout that day!

Good luck!

Erin said...

You definitely could do it. I went from zero to a 10K in five weeks (not like I'm fast, mind you) and was absolutely injury free. Just make sure your weekly mileage does not increase more than 10% each week so your body learns to adjust. I am a fan of more days of rest, so I rest two or three days a week.