05 November, 2008

a night to remember

There is now a second major event of my lifetime that I will always remember where I was, when...
The first, a tragedy for the country, that I had to view from afar while studying abroad.

The second, tonight's inspiring speech and victory and next four years for our country.

I will forever remember my day.
Work, Vote, Gym, Madame Butterfly at the MET in BOX seats (first time), checking my iphone for the updates at each intermission, and then a small gathering of like-minded hopefuls...waiting and watching.
An unbelievable flash on the screen around 11:15--what? Did we really just see that it said Obama is president number 44? They haven't called California plus one yet!?
A short "station identification" break..and then--YES...they called it!
Disbelief and amazement.
Hoping that the concession speech happens to make it REALLY real.
Waiting for the acceptance speech.
Watching tears of joy, screaming, cheering, laughter, on the faces of Americans of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

The speech that I thought moved a nation.

And going to sleep contented for the first time in three presidential elections in which I have had the privilege and right to vote.

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