24 November, 2008


Leaving for T-day tomorrow afternoon!

One more audition before I leave which I'm excited about because it will be revisiting folks from last year's semi-finalist weekend o' fun "out/down South/West".

Today? Nap, warm up a bit and double/triple check that my singer-plague is GONE! (Now there are just remnants and dry heat from the heater that decided after a week of not working to kick in at full force around 2am last night, banging pipes et al included).

Pique Dame at the Met.

Audition, work for 4 hours, train HOME!

What I'm bringing:
Laundry- OF COURSE! (it's freeeee!, and I don't have to go into a scary basement after ransacking my jeans and shelves for quarters)

Snow boots and snow jacket!

A big appetite!

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