06 November, 2008

dr. a...x2 and thoughts on the gym.

Saw Dr. Atomic again last night---yes, it's still awesome.
I took full advantage of the $20 orchestra rush tickets to graciously offered by the rich folks who want to get people in the seats to see modern opera. THANK YOU from row R of the orchestra!

Today was the last session of my personal training...with Tony the Trainer...no, not the tiger.
This was a birthday present to myself, of sorts...and the experience has been, as of today, pretty eye-opening.

At first I didn't really think I was getting any results. I was doing a lot of weight training with free weights and machines and body weight. Add to that some pushups, core work, and I was sweating...NOT glistening...by the end of the hour, every Tuesday and Thursday.

By the middle of my 15 sessions I could feel the pushups getting easier. I saw the number near the metal pin increase, my reps increase, and even though it still hurt every time no matter what I was doing, I was feeling pretty good about it.

Well....in addition to the training I've been sticking to my regular (ie, almost nonexistant) cardio--which is about 40 minutes of Elliptical (or, Act I of upcoming-opera score plus ipod)...twice a week? (sometimes not so much twice a week).

But here is the kicker. I so much as LOOK at a treadmill and my stomach turns. I just hate everything about running and jogging. I always think I want to try to train for a marathon and then have flashbacks of having to run the mile in gym class freshman year, having an asthma attack, and the teacher yelling at me to keep going.
THEN I have a flashback to sophomore year- I had just finished basketball season (the monsters (sprints) across the court were FINE it's just those long distances that get me), and I wanted to try out for Lacrosse, it was March, it was snowing out in New Jersey, and our coach decides that the first week of lacrosse training is NOT learning how to use the crazy stick and ball, but instead, just running around the track for an hour straight every afternoon.

Uhh...thanks but no thanks.

Ok, fast forward to today.
I decide to switch it up and warm up on the....treadmill....!
AND contrary to almost EVERY time I've attempted to go running and had a mental freakout and started to hyperventilate----I RAN! And I didn't HATE IT!
And I think (THINK) I could have kept going. ?? Maybe ??

Is this the dawn of a new era?

That is yet to be seen. iLike.


Erin said...

You never know! I was that skinny little athsmatic kid in school and HATED running...

...and here I am, just started running in August and am now training for a marathon after just running a half marathon.

Still not a rabid fan of the treadmill. For me, it's almost unbearably boring if I'm not outside.

Coloraturaaah said...

yes...running outside always seems like a better idea until it's Minnesota in March...ie, the last time I tried training for running. Plus, unless you're doing it on a track, I always start to freak about the fact that...hey, I'm not tired now, but what if I'm tired soon, and THEN I have to run ALL the way back? :)
I know, I have issues, obviously :)