15 November, 2008

day 3 and that tickle

Ohhhhh day 3
Well, woke up at 7am, had a crappy day at day-job (which I may be quitting REALLY soon because, frankly, my priority is singing...and stress at 'work' just isn't worth it), then had a voice lesson. Which turned out REALLY really well, after I figured out what it is I need to do in order to feel absolutely nothing....which is when all of this sound and voice and technical stuff works best.

More on that later.

So then a frantic sprint to the gym to get my 45 minutes of day 3 in. 10 minutes into it I'm fine. 16 and I feel NOT so hot--shin splints again...it feels BETTER to slow to a jog than slow to a walk because that hurts too much.
22 and I'm thinking this may be it for the day but I stuck it out and made it to the 40..

I WILL be ready to move on to upping the level of full-out running next week and less jogging...but still. This day was hard, and mostly because of outside influences. Not the actual program that I was trying to complete on the treadmill.

Yesterday night I got that tickle in my throat. The one that means--start slamming the OJ, Emergen-C, cough drops, cough syrup, and everything that is anti-cold that is within reach.

It means that if I give in to the feeling that I 'have' to clear my throat or that I have to cough, this will turn probably a bit ugly for three days.

SO I bought my cough syrup (nighttime with no alcohol), was out by 11, woke up at 4am but managed to get back to sleep until 8:30. Have somehow stayed in bed until 11:45 (now)...and I feel KIND of better.

My voice- humming-- feels fine. My head feels a little medicine-y. I am PRETTY sure I"l be fine if I do nothing but chug water, tea, and OJ for the rest of the day and that I can get this weird 'starting to feel cold-y' feeling out of here without bearing the brunt of whatever bug is going around.

Off to get some more water and Emergen-C.
I still have a few hrs to decide how I'm feeling before audition later today.
I'd never sing sick unless I really really really had to, because it's just not worth singing not my best.
But I'm still feeling good, if a bit cautious, because I caught the pre-cold signals and am trying to get over it without actually getting it.

Off I go.

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