12 November, 2008

remind me

not to try and do day two of the training program, or ANY day of the training program
a. after 9pm
b. after arriving home at 5pm, eating sour starburst for about 30 minutes, ordering takeout with a friend who is in from out-of-town from TWO restaurants (we couldn't decide)
c. Eating said takeout : Spicy Crunchy Salmon roll, Pineapple Fried Rice with Veggies, and LAMB VINDALOO.

Today's 40 minutes from 9:15 and on were painful when?
1st 60 seconds of running. Ouch- shin splints.
Middle 60 seconds of running. Oh god- 15 minutes left? Kill me now.
Last 60 seconds of running. The seconds have never gone by more slowly.

I was actually motivated to go earlier, but plans change, friends come into town and text you when they're 5 minutes away from your apt., and of course I choose hanging out and catching up and dishing about auditions, past and upcoming, over going to work out!!

BUT I STILL got out of the house and to the gym at 9pm. So THERE. DAY 2. DONE.

Tomorrow. Wake up extra early to go to day-job, leave day-job in the middle for an audition, return to day-job and suffer for a few more hours which will include resume printing out (ie, killing trees) and shredding of resumes one piece of paper by one piece of paper (killing me).

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