18 November, 2008

decisions, decisions

Woke up this morning NOT feeling the best.
Went to work early, tried to do a little humming, and it was pretty bla for the entire morning.
I hate hate hate auditioning when sick. But I wasn't stuffy, my throat didn't REALLY hurt, nothing was swollen, things were just bla...felt like I had something in the back of my throat, but then felt dry at the same time, generally just not easy as it usually is.

I had a chance to actually warm up for about 30 minutes before the audition and decide my course of action.
TO sing or NOT to sing that is the question.

Usually I'm a NO if it's not going to be pretty close to perfect for me (or at least, vocally, mentally, physically perfectly prepared...etc). Gotta start out with the highest odds, right?

By the end of the warmup I was feeling good. Vocally. My body was and is tired, but I was focused on the voice working and my mindset.

Showed up, sang DurchZ and felt...well...
Easy--but not--the usual. I THOUGHT that I sounded different. Not wrong, not off, just not normal feeling or sound sensation.

The auditor remembered my Zerb from last year and so actually didn't need to hear anything second--which I'm fine with..except come on--I put on a nice dress, and have so much fun music! You SURE you don't want a side of Glitter...I mean...fries...with that?

Ok, fiiine.
So instead I went straight home (with a small detour to the hair salon next door- if you got your hair cut today all the money went to Equity Fights AIDS--yay for new layers and money for a good cause) to drink tea, water, emergen-c filled water, vitamin water, and in a bit--Duane Reade's version of non-alcoholic Nyquil...in hopes of kicking this little bug.

Here's hoping it's on the way out and not something that gets worse.

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