20 November, 2008

not quite there yet

I should have known better but I was REALLY feeling better at around 3pm today.

I didn't sleep almost all night--chills. That's weird, since I've never had that before.
Had to work, drank as much water and tea as possible throughout the day.
Got back to my place at 2, hot shower- feeling good! Warm-up- feeling even better! Thinking to myself- huh- I guess my voice does stay just fine even though my body is really tired and sick.

Fast forward to 5pm and add some nerves and what have you got? A first piece that had some nice moments but was in general not up to par, and a 2nd piece that was good but not the best that it could be.

Oh, I could blame the plague, the room, the cold...but bottom line is that I thought it would be better than ok this afternoon, and while it wasn't terrible, it wasn't what I wanted to put out there.

Back to shutting up, my blankets, my soup, and my tea.

1 comment:

Rahree said...

feel better, coloraturaaah. it's a sick-tastic time of year; take good care of yourself!