19 November, 2008

apostrophe to a post nasal drip

Dear cold/flu/virus/bug that has taken over what otherwise would have been my perfectly healthy, actually getting-in-shape-for-a-marathon body!

Look what you've done.
On Friday night I felt this little tickle and thought you may be near, but I warded you off with Chamomile tea, a warm blanket, and staying indoors.
Saturday, still feeling like you were in sight like an unwelcome party guest at a high school 'hang', I limited my evening festivities carefully, choosing the healthy turkey burger and water, instead of the richer foods with wine. Ok, late saturday night I thought I could oust you with two vodka cranberries, but the alcohol should have cleared you right out of there, plus any lingering infection, no?

Sunday I thought I was finished with you. My throat didn't scratch, and I had downed enough vitamin C in the past 3 days to support a small colony of scurvy-ridden sailors.

But monday.
Monday, monday--I did NOT feel good. AND I had an important audition! What did you make me do? Leave work with a headache, warm up for way longer than my usual 5 minutes, be cautious as an auditionee instead of care-free, and then come home to soup, tea, and feeling like general dog-droppings.

Tuesday I knew I needed to take it easy but you had taken over my airways--and so tissues were on hand, cough drops were in sight, and it was a constant duo of nose-blowing and teeth-crackling-Ricolas.

Now I wake up today and the cough is in my chest? Really? COME ON! I am going to take extreme measures (just as soon as I can extract myself from under my warm blankets and self-pity), and go to Duane Reade and buy something that will knock you OUT of me!
I'm not quite sure what that is...just yet...
But it MAY be mucinex--and trust me, I'll DEAL with feeling medicine-head-y and slightly intoxicated just so that you leave my system in a TIMELY fashion!
It MAY be some kind of sudafed--and yes, I'll deal with the blood vessels thinning and the dryness for today AND tomorrow as long as You are OUT.

So get going!
ps- I have to get back to week 2 of training and you are really holding me up. What happened to all that good energy and work from last week? Oh yea, it's DROWNING in chicken soup and chamomile tea!


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