28 November, 2008


Family at Turkey day always means way-too-competitive games of Charades (ok, WHO put "Merriam-Webster's English Dictionary", AND "The Michelin Guide to Prague", AND "Troilus and Cressida" in the hat?!!..Oh yea, my English Professor uncle and other smar-alecs in my family).

You can't even say "sounds like" for Cressida! Even if you break it up into syllables! Cre? Si? Da (duh?).

Although when my 80 year old grandfather pulled "Smack that B*tch" from the hat (a contribution from my 21 yr. old cousin) I will admit I was laughing my *ss off.

So inappropriate. He tried to get the team to guess the B word by saying 'sounds like' and then acting out witch. And he was riding a broomstick.
Then my 80 yr old grandma got "Gin and Juice". Hilarious.

More competitive games like Boggle, O-Hell (cards), Monopoly, and yes, Chutes and Ladders, were also played.
Of course we were surrounded by five Macbooks, one lonely Dell, 4 iphones without cell reception but with wifi for fun-with-applications, 1 guitar, 1 glowing fire, 2 football games with picture in picture of CNN (yea...), and all in all, a yummy and fun day with 16 people whom I love.

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