18 November, 2008

knock knock? who's there?

It's the singer plague!

Yep, straight from Rahree's lips... and sadly, to our eyes, nose and throats.

Whatever I was trying to ward off this weekend is now clear and present.
I've been useless for a day and a half. Couch, pjs, comforter, water, oj, tea, soup, emergen-c, rinse, repeat.

Of course it had to coincide with the two coldest days in the city so far.
Oh well.

Not much to do but push fluids and hope that I'm better by Thursday at 5pm.


Rahree said...

oh no! hoping i didn't jinx things...feel better soon!!!

Coloraturaaah said...

Thanks :) Nah, you didn't jinx anything! I raise my tea-mug to toast as few as possible cancellations for y'all (and me) this week!