13 February, 2007

technology and singing

It's scary that I can be online all day and be organizing and paying for my life at the same time.
Bills, Paypal for things I don't need, booking flights to NYC, designing a new website...all of these things are one by one being "submitted" through paypal and my credit card and do I realize it? Well, not until I get the statement of course.

Thank GOODNESS that for now I do know that I have enough money to spend on these things..which in SOME respects I do need (ie, new awesome website, flights to NYC for auditions).

Other things I did online: write thank you emails to the people that have been hearing me for the past few days! I know, the debate between handwritten and email is always there. My opinion: write a thank you email, asking for feedback. IF they write a feedback email, THANK THEM for EVERYTHING with a handwritten note.

Today. Met with an agent over lunch who has been very helpful in these past few weeks of insanity. Are we doing the "dance"? I don't really know. I'm not looking for a "courtship". It's weird. I was asked who else I was singing for, what my plans were...without really an offer or promise for anything, except a clear approval of the direction I was heading.

What would an agent mean to me: Well, THIS season I'm sure pretty much nothing. All materials have been sent already, people have been cast. Now, in NOVEMBER an agent would mean the world to me. It would mean that I'd get to livein NYC for 2 months, and hopefully audition zillions of times as a "first-timer" on a roster, and set up jobs for 2009 and beyond.

I THINK that I can try to do this on my own for next year--well, I mean, I have one thing. It's a good thing. I CAN go back to previous-yap as a mainstage artist (if I want) but in many ways that would be step down on the resume...as much as I'd love to go and premiere a new role that I'll use in my repertoire again.

So what else can I do for myself on my own? Well, hopefully get feedback from the auditions I did this weekend, MAYBE get a lucky break with one of the small companies whose directors I konow (although one is completely cast as I've just received an email)...and just wait and see if anything happens in Germany. Maybe do the Berlin NYIOPS and see what happens there as well.

The waiting game. Even managed singers have to do it.

Tomorrow: BIG audition for BIG important YAP in a city I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to move to. (GP this means you if you're reading).

Thursday: possible auditions for a few more agents if they are in town for their artists.

Big days...long waits...hope things turn out well.

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