22 February, 2007

staging part uno AND business stuff.

Ok, continuing on with Zerbie.
Today we began staging the first quintet where we try to convince Ariadne (both in and out of Commedia characters) that she shouldn't be sad.

Five pages and an hour and a half later, we have some awesome funny shtick and we're practically hyperventilating.

I knew there was a reason I practiced doing the Aria on my back, hanging from things, and with gymnastics involved!!

A lot of the "table work" of course got immediately thrown out the window as we were all coming up with "moves" to outdo each other onstage and still make it funny and make sense...but it's all inthe background. And that is what I think works best about things like this. You have your character and your intention so deeply committed and rooted in what you want to do, that you then have the freedom to play around with staging and none of that work falls apart or gets tossed aside.

This will be fun---now if we only had another whole week instead of 3 days to put the next 50 pages together.


In music-business news, I received yet another "interesting" comment from someone of importance who may be a help to my career strides...who said that some feedback from a certain audition was- amazing high notes, so organic, we never worry when you go high and you can commit so much more to what you're doing because you're never worried about it either...BUT.
Ah yes, the but.
the but was that someone on the panel felt that my middle voice had a slight flutter- This is the 2nd time this month I've gotten this feedback and it has prompted me to go back through ALL of my recordings- operas, lessons, piano arias, concerts..and seek out said flutter.
It's never never there. Not in performances, not in lessons. I sent mp3s to my current coach here, my teacher from undergrad, and my voice teacher from home.
They have never heard it, nor do they hear it in my arias and recordings.

So what IS it, if it is noticeable? Just my voice? Naturally? Nerves? Even though I SAY I'm not nervous and I don't FEEL nervous, are nerves somehow manifesting themselves through a flutter in my middle voice? And only in auditions? And not peformances???
I've posted about this before ...how totally calm in my head I can be and then the body does something to mess you up---like a manifestation of nerves that you can't even control because you DON"T think you're nervous!!

So, said person requested my recorded materials to continue to process my candidacy for possible representation by them...at some point in life- not now I think.

And said person said that other than that small comment which could be chalked up to either flying and singing on the same day, my sickness for the past 3 weeks, OR simply my insane subconscious foiling my plans to be the best coloratura soprano EVER....said person really likes my voice and thinks I can succeed.


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