13 February, 2007

no audition

Due to the severe blizzard conditions in certain-city-I'd-love-to-live-in, they are not able to come hear us today, and may not even make the show tonight...so the audition is cancelled. Boo.

So is Thursday's audition for another agent--- Boo.

But I will find out in the next few days the "feedback" from the head of the big auditions that I just did in NY. Yay.

And now back to redesigning my website.
And by redesigning, I mean emailing the guy who is designing it what I like and don't like and want to change. I tried to do it myself but I'm really just too slow at html and havne't learned dreamweaver... so- if I'm getting my name dot com and free hosting with no ads and a great design, it's worth the money for me.


Gregory said...

I'm so surprised at how wimpy the certain city has been about this weather. It's just snow. Now.. as for flights, well, that's a differnt idea, but they closed my school today.

This place doesn't close for snow!!!

You've got me facebooked. My cell is on there. If you ever find yourself in the hood give a call. I'd love to show you some hospitality.

me said...

aww thanks! I don't know if they made it our here today in time for the show...but I DO want an audition with them- and it can't be on the official day in your-city b/c I'm still here in My-city and not released...
So yes, I do hope to make it through there eventually this Spring-I'll look you up when I'm there of course!

Embly said...

I don't know about your desired city, but the snow here was not an insignificant thing, and the wind made it even more interesting. They closed down the north bound highway because of wind drifts of snow!

me said...

embly and gp stay warm!!!