23 February, 2007

in the market

for some new arias.

There are a few competitions coming up that I'd like to apply for that have specific repertoire requirements- whether it be by time period or just whichever arias they list that are acceptable.
And I'm noticing that while a lot of the rep. that I sing is on there, it's not the repertoire that I would usually use for competitions.

Who wins a competition with Saper Vorreste? I don't know. But even though I sing it well, love it and even have it as an upcoming role!!!! (newsflash newsflash)...I don't think I'd put it on my list for these hugely famous international competitions.

What I WANT to sing is Lakme. It's not on the list.
Even the DOLL song is not on one of the lists.

So- for my early piece I think I'm learning Tornami.
I haven't done this simply because for a few years it was "the" coloratura baroque piece to sing. Maybe now I'll join the club.

Then I'm in between Queen (uber impressive) and Blondchen (uber cute) for the Mozarts,
in between O luce and Norina (both equally annoying to panels but equally awesomely fun for me),

and then both DO allow Zerbinetta (from different starting points---one is the whole thing, one is just So war through Als ein gott).

In my coaching today I decided to run through arias and see what kind of recording I could get and if it could be used for anything preliminary/screening-wise in the future.

Now these are all one-take, low-pressure situations in a decently live (but not too much reverb) room with a great pianist...
I got a great DurchZ, Queen, Oscar, a semi-good O luce- it was the best recit I've ever done but then I was feeling the burn as my hour of singing came to a close and that high G was not my favorite, and a preeeetttyyy good Zerbie from So war to the end, AND a good Chacun (which I haven't re-recorded since my heyday of singing it for everything two years ago).


Back to the aria lists.
Looking at them always makes me want to pick up old music, pick new music, and learn more and more.
Things I haven't touched in at least a year or two that I'd love to pick up again:
Prendi, Fire Aria, Oscar(2), Juliette's Waltz, come per me-sovra il sen...and all the -ina/ettas that I haven't had the chance to practice or sing since I'm the resident "high coloratura" here and there is a soubrette/lyric who does all of the other roles.

New things:
Le coq d'or, crazy high French rep in general!, Mitridate, Mireille, ...so much more that I love, and wish was performed more often in the US.

Oh, and what am I doing on this Friday night?
Well, I've been at home puttering about since about 5pm, listening to the recordings I just did, googling (as usual)...singers, competitions, opera seasons...
updating my new and almost publishable website(!), and mostly hoping that this huge storm that is supposed to dump a foot of snow on us is all a big lie.

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