20 August, 2006

upon relistening

Yes, it's 3:33am.
And I've just played through every recording that I have of me singing on my itunes.
Undergraduate recital, graduate recital, and some operas in between.

Ok, undergrad: lighter, sweeter, less vibrato-much less.
Operas through now- umm, I sound older, the vibrato is much more pronounced. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, really- how much squillo should one hear in the voice? I feel like there is almost no just held out note anymore since you can always hear the ring. In the doll last summer you can't because it's only coloratura. In the recital pieces it's all over the place and horribly annoying (I hated my recital anyway), in the arias from last september I sound the best I think. Settled vocally, but not this almost too pingy vibrato vibration thing that I hear going on in my recital and today's scene--NOW, a huge reason for this may be that I was really nervous for both, and wasn't in a technically and vocally good place. No excuses, but I did feel like crap today, and I know my recital was in a vocal/technique bad place for me...but how do I get that line? And do I still have it? Dammit, the minidisk shall now be my best friend.


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