17 March, 2006

the day's update

1. I peed after my lesson.
2. I went to the gym! (30 minutes on elliptical until some FOOL got on the treadmill in front of me and blocked the TV)
3. I also photocopied about half of the things that I needed to do- except not the most pressing ones, instead the ones that are farthest down on the list of things to be standing around at a copier machine xeroxing.

I am vocally happy and content right now because I know what I'm doing. I'm getting back to that feeling of the good old days, having completely dealt with both ends of the spectrum in terms of technique, focus, spreading, resonance over the past two years.
I feel as if I've come full circle and realized that I had it all from the beginning, but it took this journey of going through body and voice to bring me back to the start, only much more secure, beautiful, supported, and correct.
This is my voice and I'm not doing anything to it to make any type of sound. And that feels nice!

Have two performances this weekend that I'm looking forward to because they're the best kind- a mix of MT and opera, fun, audience pleasing numbers, me in a pretty dress and heels that hopefully I can walk in like a normal person and not an alien.

Next task: (old task) learn music for summer and next year...seriously I have to stop kidding around with this stuff.
And coming up sooner than that: Review arias for upcoming competitions.

And keep going to the gym!


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