08 June, 2009


Tomorrow at 6am I'll be on a train to Paris (that is, if I successfully wake up at 5am, having pre-packed everything I need except for what I'm wearing on the train, get to the Hauptbahnhof on time, and make it to my seat--which I still have not reserved--that is to be completed later this evening), and will be preparing for the Main reason that I flew back over here in the first place---
----big fun important amazing audition opportunity---

Well, not the ENTIRE main reason, but the first 'ball' that got the 'ball rolling' on me having to make a decision about summer plans and such over one and a half months ago.

So. What do I think? How have I prepared?

Well, it's just singer-work/life as usual.
My day includes reviewing the 2 Queen arias--language, diction, tone, intent, dramatic purpose...all in my head. Maybe singing them a bit later on.
It includes the mundane- doing laundry, packing for a day trip that requires one audition outfit plus character shoes for a 'working rehearsal', thinking about travel, hopefully not-missed train and metro connections, not getting lost in Paris (which is never a bad thing--unless you have an audition to get to at a certain time), and basically just staying calm cool and collected, as I always am before auditions.

It definitely includes excitement at the opportunity to DO this audition for this person in the first place.
It also includes the usual "god I hope i get...i hope i get it..how many people does he need ...how many boys how many girls" (some Tony-inspired musical lyrics to describe what every singer goes through at auditions).

But not the desperate kind of thinking...just the excited kind of thinking--that IF this works out and bla bla bla, etc. etc. etc. how super-cool (please re-read those two words out loud in a French accent) that would be.

Off to check on the laundry, hum some Queenly melodies, and attempt to repack my carry on for my NEXT adventure, post-Paris.

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