05 June, 2009

FREE wifi---finally

No, I will not pay 24 euros for 24 hours of internet surf-age!
So, sadly, that has meant that YOU have not heard from me.

Now I'm in a free zone (thanks to the hotel that I ALWAYS stay in when I travel to Munich), and can surf page to page for as long as I please.

Two auditions down, one competition to go.
First audition- specifically for a French Offenbach piece--sooo--I sang the doll.
And may I add kicked some ass on the high G's and F's and whatever else I added in there.
I even have it recorded on iTalk on my phone...and so, I KNOW that it was good.
There were 10 other girls there singing for the same part (oh how I love typed-auditions--ie, showing up and having only the role you are singing for being cast that day)..ugh...
So- today (upon my arrival at my hotel) I received a kind email from the KBB saying that I did a great audition and bla bla bla...but I'm not the one that will be picked.
Ok, so shall I list all the possibilities why it's NOT me?
non-Austrian-ness, non-EU-ness, voice, acting, looks, wearing black and red to the audition, singing third, what else....I'm sure the list could go on.
But what I really care about is- I know I sang well.
So, just like in the US when we sing for 30 companies each fall (or so)--and MAYBE...just MAYBE get one or two great jobs out of it...
such is life here as well...


Serenity Now.

Next audition- this morning, back in Deutschland.
Sang Queen and Musetta.
FIRST time ever singing musetta for an audition--and guess what? I LIKE it!
Have it recorded as well....and yes...I like the product. Not final by any means since I worked on it for a very short time in comparison to all of my other arias and have only coached it once...BUT- it was audition-ready for THIS purpose (where it was required)...and it went really well.

Who knows when or what I'll hear from these people--if anything...but again, at least I know that I'm singing well.

Tomorrow- competition.

Have to decide whether to start with Zerb or Una Voce.
I had to pick my arias earlier (hate that), can't change them (don't hate that so much, just hate having to remember which arias I actually picked!), and so now I"m doing the 'first aria dance'--which involves overthinking everything--such as:

Ok, IF I pick a 12 minute aria, will they hear another one?
Will they be annoyed like in the US?
Will they be IMPRESSED cuz it's in German and I'm rocking it?
Should I OFFER to start from the end?
Will they like my interpolations for Rosina IF I start with it?
Will they HATE the final high F if they are 'style sticklers'?
Will they hear that aria from mezzos a zillion times that day and not want to hear it from a soprano?

Sooo many silly questions to think about...so little time.

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