22 June, 2009

free wifi at the airport


It just makes traveling so much easier. We already have to show up three hours early to the international flight check in, I've already waited in too many lines to count, checked my bag (ONLY because it contains a seriously sick amount of Hummus from the Homeland and they won't let me take that through because it's KIND OF a liquid), scanned the duty free shops (and bought my favorite lotion), and had breakfast. And now I can just relax with my wireless---email, NYTIMES, facebook, and everything else that needs catching up on or more relaxation before I board my flight and arrive in Frankfurt once again.

Upcoming week COULD be a bit hectic depending on whether I receive a call or email about a last-minute flight change that I may need to make today.

Otherwise, will be back 'state-side' tomorrow morning!

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