05 April, 2009

some sunday night inspiration

I just found out one of my very good friends and previous apprentice-artist-colleague was offered a cover contract at the MET.


I just found out the whole story/process...from someone knowing that he sang a certain role, contacting his manager and asking whether he could come sing a certain aria in the Hall for ONE person, being asked to come back to sing a house for THREE people, and then getting an email the next day through his agent asking if he was available this fall to cover!

I mean...that is so awesome!

The next day!!!

So cool.

How does that make me feel?
Well, first of all REALLY happy for my friend, obviously.

And it's the craziest thing, but ever since this email has gone through for my friend, companies have just been lining up for auditions and bookings for him.
I guess that's being the 'it' person of the moment..and having 'buzz'.

Second, inspired-----thinking about the upcoming rep and the fact that I'd somehow like someone to know that I sing both arias from crazy-opera-2012..and maybe just maybe just maaaayyyybe I could actually be involved in that production...somehow...if the heavens part and the stars align...(and I do an audition and rock it...)..that I could actually achieve this BIG HUGE thing in my life and career as a young singer...and consider myself ...as the MTV show would put it...MADE.

So---I guess you just never know.
It can happen if you just keep chugging along, working hard, and staying at the top of your game...and with the right people knowing that you are doing those things as well.

A lot of inspiration for the night--and a smile on my face, as I go to sleep (early!), and look forward to staging my aria in my first staging rehearsal tomorrow afternoon.

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