09 April, 2009

is it almost our day off?

I know, it seems crazy. There is a limit to the number of hours that we can work per day, per week....but I'm still completely exhausted from week one of staging.

What does "staging" involve in this show?
Well, let's see....
TONS of choreography, parasol twirling, two-stepping, waltzing, skipping, jumping, kissing cues, hankie-handling, heart fluttering, etc. etc. etc.

Tomorrow is our day off, which means I will sleep as late as possible, and then maybe take a look at my score and try to remember in my head what I'm supposed to be doing! Maybe it will sink in on the day off.

So far though, this show is FUN!
I love working with my fellow singers who are funny and talented. It's always a bonus when you can have an entire conversation in "Anchorman" or "Zoolander"...without missing a beat.
I love the kind of one-liners that make 3 hour dance rehearsals seem shorter than they actually are.

On a DANCING note--I do have to be honest and say, once again (since I think I've mentioned it before)..that I WISH my mom had thrown me into ballet lessons as a kid.
It's not that I'm not coordinated.
It's not that I can't get the steps, and get them quickly.
I'm just NOT the type of person that believes it looks GOOD or RIGHT..at all, ever.
And I don't need reassurance, because if I was doing it wrong, I sure would hear about it.
It's not my 'element', and therefore, I think about it, practice it, and think about it some more...always wondering whether it 'looks' somewhat natural and not as stilted and robotic as I think it is!

And so- my first goal for this character (very similar to last summer when I had to find a wider space for my Despina), is to widen at the top with stronger arm positions.
What I need is that Victorian body configuration....that every hand out extends from the mid-back through the shoulders, down the arms, up the wrists and out the tips of the fingers. All while looking and 'acting' natural, of course!

More after my day off when I can gather my thoughts and I'm not so exhausted!

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Alan said...

I'm convinced that the only dancing that's "natural" is that of indigenous peoples. Western civilization just cannot get it. It's been bred out of us.

I really enjoy reading your blog.