04 August, 2008


Performances that I'm going to see in the next 3 weeks include:
King Roger- (saw it at Bard yesterday)
Cesare- Glimmerglass
Ariadne- Wolf Trap
Flute- Opera North
Figaro- Berkshire Opera

And those are all BEFORE I arrive in NYC and begin the operatic viewings there for the next 5 months!

The above trips will involve a bit more gas money than I'd like to spend--but hey, it's worth it to see friends perform, say hello to colleagues that are coaches directors and conductors for the summers there, and above all, see ARIADNE for the first time LIVE which I'm very very (have I mentioned very?) excited about!

Up next on my plate (or, what SHOULD be up next)
is learning 09opera-1 and 09opera-2 roles...buuuuut wouldn't it be MORE fun to work on some new arias and revisit others that I haven't quite performed in a while but could be great for this year?
I say- YES!
So, I'm thinking about throwing some new-(er) things into the mix before audition season begins and seeing if they work.

I am the wife of Mao Tse-tung (nixon)
Fear to the sinner (tempest)
Pour en faire (cendrillon)
Sventurata (cenerentola)

Off to be productive.

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