12 August, 2008

new digs

Yesterday I moved a majority of my things into the apt. I'll be living in for the next 5 months.

Wow- this may be the longest stint that I'm in a single place since I was in my last year in college. No, I take that back--since the residency program I did 2 yrs ago--that was 8 months long.

I've obviously learned to pack light and only had to transport:
My late summer/early fall clothes in one large suitcase, my winter clothes into another suitcase, a carry-on suitcase with audition clothes and the clothes I'm wearing this week.
A few more bags of shoes than I'd like to admit.
A keyboard.
A bag full of hangers extension cords.
A box of music I'll need for the next few months and papers I'll need for auditions (copies of headshots, resumes, recommendations, drivers license/passport, etc)

And really--that's about it.

I've learned how to travel light, and even though I have a cute clock collection, a favorite stuffed animal (yes, still!), tons of pics of me and my best friends from all over the world, and other chatchkes lying around that I'd love to add into my personal decorating of an eventual 'home', this one is temporary. And the more I bring now, the more I'll have to just pack up again in 5 months.
So all that's staying safe and sound in the basement until I'm a real person someday.
A real person with a place for everything that I have collected over the years that means something to me (and of course, doesn't clash with minimalist modern decor).


Anonymous said...

You are preaching to the choir! I was talking to my boyfriend about this whole gypsy life the other day with a smile and a sigh. I've lucked out that I usually get to sign a year lease, but it's never more than that.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Ariadne this evening. I saw it Sunday, and it's really good, very impressive on any level, and especially for a training company! Check out Kim Whitman's pre-performance talk if you can get there 1 hour early. If the weather is nice, you can bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the grounds. If it's raining or too hot, you can eat in the little cafe area indoors. I love the Barns: small, intimate, great sound. And lots of physical limitations which lead to unusually creative and highly effective productions.