19 August, 2008


Sorry, it sure has been a while.
I've been meaning to update, but I've been mac-less since Friday. Now I'm writing on an inferior compaq6000 which belongs to my cousin who is currently at work, as normal people should be on a tuesday at 10am.

DC has been lovely so far. Beautiful weather, fun activities, great museums, and the best is yet to come with the performance of Ariadne tonight at Wolf Trap. Have I mentioned how excited I am for this? ?? ???

Oh- audition last week: sang Durch and Norina. Had to go through immense amount of drama, as my drycleaner 'misplaced' my audition dress. YES, my favorite, awesome, pretty, bold, red, audition dress.
And of course, since I was in the process of moving into nyc and my clothes were all over the place, I couldn't find any.thing.else. to wear. So it's 4:30pm and my audition is at 7:30pm. I find a dress that is a print that may be a LITTLE bold, but hey, it's the summer, so why not.
But. I have no shoes. To be specific, blue or white shoes. WHO owns white heels? Or for that matter, a blue, but NOT navy heel?
Not me.
(I usually wear the dress w/flats and was NOT about to audition in peeptoe white flats, as cute as I would look on the street in them).

So after my drycleaners completely piss me off by lying that the dress is on one of five trucks and it won't be there today (Friday), after they said it WOULD be there LAST wednesday...(yea.)...I begin the shoe-store shuffle on the Upper West Side.
First 3 boutiques on Columbus...yes, they have something that would match- but NOT worth 350 bucks!

Fourth store- has a potentially great shoe that is on the cusp of too expensive, but they don't have it in the color/size that I need--and this blue matched PERFECTLY.
BUT they have another location!
(cut to me jogging to Lincoln Center)
(cut to me at the 2nd location)
Scope out the shoe, see if they have my size and color--7-7.5-Blue- YES!
Ooook, since it's my only choice and otherwise I show up to an audition in black heels and a blue dress. No. Unacceptable.

However--at the end of the day, I'm KIND of in love with these shoes, and KIND of want to wear my new last-minute audition-configuration as, possibly, one of my 'season' outfits for auditioning.

Oh, and after all the running around it started pouring anyway, making my 'I'm living in NYC on the UWS and not taking any cabs anywhere' promise to myself null and void.
Put my sneaks on under the dress, hopped in a cab in the pouring rain, changed shoes at NOLA and sang a great audition.

Coming up this week and weekend:
Madame Butterfly and Flute in the White Mountain state
and Marriage of Figaro near the Green Mountain State.
And maybe buying my iphone in Beantown if I have time to get down there and visit.


Susan said...

Great story!!

When you get the gig they'll be your lucky audition shoes and you'll have to get a bunch of new dresses to match them. ;)

Yes! Get the iPhone. Then you too can check email, easily send texts, take pictures and play games backstage. Not that I would know. My costume for my recent supering gig didn't have pockets so I had to leave mine behind. :(

Anonymous said...

First of all: Get the iphone!

Second of all: many people own both white and blue heels. I highly suggest you get with the times!