19 December, 2007

audition season recap

12- # of auditions between Nov.22th and Dec.18th
6- # of auditions from the summer through Oct.15th
2- # of productions during audition season that took me away from NYC
3- # of coachings during audition season (that's a rarity--being so HIGH and all)
3- # of competitions sung during audition season (1- won something)
4- # of apartments I lived out of a suitcase in between Nov.22 and Dec.18th

?- # of possible jobs I'll get from these auditions

4- # of planes I've been on in the past 3 days (about to be 5 tomorrow)
A whole lot- # of planes I've been on in the past 3 months!

I think I sang my best at every audition, maybe except for 2 of them- where I could have done one or two or three measures better (support, breath, getting excited and over-compensating with a not-as-pure/pretty tone)

Starting piece:
Chacun le sait didn't fail in Young Artist auditions, and I hope it doesn't fail in mainstage auditions. Either way, it packs a walloping first cadenza, it's a great acted piece, and it also shows some French style and line.

When I began with anything else, say, for a specific role they were casting, it also went very well (Zerb, Oscar, Glitter), and I think that next year, or next season, I could easily change my starter to Zerbinetta, from the So War. For the right company, it may show that I have voice and acting and am ready for the big roles that are HARDer to cast, not the mainstream roles that they hear every soprano for.

Audition outfit:
I had two, one for th beginning, one for the end. Got good comments on both, and think the 2nd one was definitely on the hotness scale. Goal for next year- something not black/gray or maroon (the color the seemed to replace black this year)

Audition style:
When I had the chance, I'd shake hands, smile, introduce myself, try to be as cordial but also not 'generally nice/sweet soprano' as possible. And always leave the room with a smile and a have a great rest of the day/holiday/weekend.

Accompanist choices:
17- awesome.
1- horrible.

Goals for the next time around and the next few months to make me a better auditioner and therefore a better choice for hiring:

Dance/yoga- take more classes and free my body. I did not work out ONCE during audition season because of the "general nyc stress/malaise" and although I didn't feel TIGHT, I definitely didn't feel loose and free either.

Coachings- now that I have the opportunity to be in NYC for the next few months with only my craft to work on, suck it up- I know the market is down so I can't afford SO much, but I want acting coaching, vocal coachings, and maybe to try out a few "coloratura specialist" teachers in the city who have been on the recommended list for a few years.

Finding 'It'- whatever IT is that gets people hired on the spot, gets people excited and remember you the day after when they see you in NOLA, gets the panel thinking about your audition for the rest of the day and finding themselves texting your agent to say they want you for SOMETHING- they don't know what yet, but something.

And now, it's ciao for 2 weeks while I eat a lot of Sushi in Japan.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and safe travels to all.

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