14 July, 2011

grey day

Yesterday's practice session was very productive.
Nice warm up, easing into going through all the music for upcoming-German-opera1, followed by singing through the entire role of Zerb from beginning to end.
And I felt great during and after.

Today I tried again- same time, some different music (again, upcoming-opera1 and then Najade). It is cold and grey outside. Yes, it's the middle of July. And it's COLD. I'm currently wearing a sweatshirt, and have been all day. When I walked outside for all of 10 minutes today, I wore that sweatshirt plus a layered rain jacket and I was STILL chilly.

Does the weather affect how well I can breathe? How motivated I am to keep practicing?
As I look out my kitchen window (where I was singing this afternoon), I just kinda don't FEEL like it. My energy lags and I just feel like sitting down, or taking a nap.
I know I'm not tired. It's just that I haven't seen the sun all day long.

Can it please feel a little bit less like October in foggy Londontown and a little bit more like a nice warm summer in the French Riviera?

Maybe then I can be a bit more productive vocally.
I did spend more time today going over dialogue and watching the dvd of the piece that I have to learn in a 'hurry'...so at least I did something.

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