13 July, 2011

chipping away

Forgive me, interwebs, for I have sinned- it's been 7 days since my last blog post.

Things have been PREEEETTTY busy around here...in a totally good way that YOU don't get to know about (yet!). Muahahahhaha.

I decided to do that upcoming role after all, so I will be mostly spending the next month and a half cramming the German from three upcoming operas into my head.

So far today I've typed out the words to the musical numbers that I have to learn from upcoming-opera-with-a-lot-of-dialogue.

It's 3 pages single spaced. That's just for music. And does not include repeats, since I write x2 in the .Word document whenever that happens.


Also, yesterday I typed out Zerb Act I words. Up until the aria/duet. That takes up one page single spaced, and I'm happy to say that with a LITTLE prompting/cheating sometimes, I can pretty much get through it all.

In about 7 minutes when it's no longer 'quiet hours' here (4pm), I will start singing and see if any of that typing has gotten magically into my head.

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