19 February, 2011

day of the show, y'all

I fell asleep around midnight.
I woke up for the first time around 6am for a second.
Then 8am.
Then slept until 10ish...
Not too bad.
I do feel refreshed and good.
I had super weird dreams, interspersed with those 30 minutes of being awake every once in a while in the early morning during which I went through my words in my head.
Ahhh- crazy show days.

My schedule for today will involve-- some oatmeal- possibly in the next 10 minutes.
Some pineapple (if it's not too acidic already- I bought it 5 days ago).

Some stretching/yoga type things on my hotel room rug for a while just to wake my body up.

Going out in search of goodies for opening night treats (I already wrote the notes).

Warming up around...2/3pm lightly to make sure everything is there.

Reporting to the theater at 6:30.

With MAYBE an early dinner thrown in since my parents are arriving in town around noon today. But they have learned that the day of the show is not the day for them to see me and hang out... too much noise, talking, etc...
Day AFTER- I'm all theirs.

So far, so good. Just have to get off of this couch and do said things that I've listed above.

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