17 February, 2011

1,000 !!

Hey! My last post was post number ONE THOUSAND!!!


Moving on.

Dress rehearsal this MORNING was a student matinee for students from local high schools and middle schools.

My call time was 8:30am for hair and makeup.
Let's just say I rolled out of bed at 7:40 (after sleeping like crap all night, of COURSE, because I knew I had to wake up early..always happens).

After my not-so-cheery 8:30am hour, I started getting into it...
warming up SLOWLY.
Lip trills. One octave sirens. Slow and steady.
And slowly but surely, that high G and Aflat started to feel easier.. and voila, then it was showtime.

Energy of the show was great today because kids are just an AWESOME audience. They clap, they laugh, they react (especially with on-stage kisses!!!), and it's pretty awesome to know that we get to be the 'first' opera experience that many of these students will have.

I felt vocally good all the way through. The pacing of the show is ROUGH. I'm pretty much in every scene except the first one and during the tenor aria...And every time I'm on it's either crazy bonkers high energy arias and duets, or having to find the calm to sing my 3 slow arias.
I think I've got a good rhythm down. I don't feel like I have to 'save up' anywhere, I can give it my all, and everything will still be there at the beginning, middle and end.

Looking forward to opening. Until then- first COMPLETE day off tomorrow (we haven't had one since Feb.2nd due to donor events, other small educational performances, etc)...and I plan to sleep and visit the jacuzzi when I wake up (in the afternoon).

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