23 November, 2010

legal eagle

I have a coaching tomorrow in which I PLAN to make a recording. Not just audio. Really, international competition? You're going to require us to submit dvds of our performances but ALSO require that we sign an AFFIDAVIT saying they are legal recordings?
Are ANY video recordings (other than professionally recorded dvds) legal?!
I mean, I'm CERTAINLY not making any money off of my youtube/website offerings, but sure, I guess 'legally', they are illegal.

I don't understand WHY though. I'm not making any money off of them. Or selling them. Or selling a certain 'production', 'costume', 'orchestra', or whatever else you could pinpoint as having a 'union' and being 'for sale' in a recording project.

Nope, I'm just selling my voice. But as a BONUS you get to see me ACT too! and sometimes that can make a huge difference!
Who wants a queen of the night that stands there and looks completely terrified when the high F's roll around? Or when that long Alle Bande phrase comes up and you're dying for a breath?

And what about that high F I added into the end of Una voce poco fa that I'm singing WHILE waving around the 'love letter' (again, not looking like a deer in headlights, but looking like I'm actually completely enjoying what I'm doing?..which, DUH, I am!). Added to the general 'acting chops' displayed throughout....

And how about the clips that I have of Oscar that show I can be 'masculine", and ok, yes, I added a G into the Olympia aria too- but-- you should KNOW that I look like a KNOCKOUT as a spray-painted golden robot-doll.

No, really. There IS merit in requesting these videos for a competition that I'm sure will get TONS of applicants. But you HAVE to acknowledge that ALL the video clips are illegal! Unless you happened to be in a dvd project with a super famous production or singer-- in which case, you're PROBABLY not applying to an UNDER THIRTY vocal competition to make some mulah on the side!

That is all for today.
And so, tomorrow I'll be recording my 'legal' video of arias (with piano- BOO, with no costumes- BOO, in a small rehearsal room and not a big hall/onstage- BOO BOO BOO), so that I can apply to this competition 'legally'.

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