22 October, 2010

...what it feels like, for a girl...

Warning: Do not continue reading if you don't want to read about that 'totm' (that's time of the month to you MALES of the sex).
Singing and being a girl.
What an amazing combination...exciting high notes, falling in love at break-neck speed, dramatic death scenes,..and sometimes, when the full moon feels like really messing with you, having to sing a show while feeling that there are two very small but super-powerful ninjas inside of you trying to high kick and karate chop their way through your lower abdomen.

Add a corset, a really tight 'Shira'-esque utility belt completely bedazzled with fake jewels that is also a handy dagger-holder, and the fact that you CANNOT take off you costume ALONE to 'pee'(yea...), (and the dresser likes to take cigarette breaks..OFTEN..and you can't find her for most of the show)...oh yea, and SOME HIGH F's.... and you've got me last night.

I will say that no matter how physically blah I'm feeling, it usually does not take any kind of toll on the singing. If anything, people say I sound stronger, more forceful, more dramatic. Thanks crazy hormones of lady-ness!
I think it's just me taking all that flying dragon crouching tiger stabbing inside and translating it into my 'character'. HA.

Two more shows and then I'm back home!
New music to learn, routines to return to, and hopefully some auditions thrown in the mix with one or two day travel.

What I have left in my kitchen right now:
Taboule, cherry tomatoes, butter, 2 plums

no bread, no milk, but I have 1/2 a box of smacks (known as BEE POPS here).

Wonder if I can make it until the end of the run.
Oh, and a LOT of opening night chocolate.
Yea, I can do it.

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