05 October, 2010

remember that time...

when I talked about time management? And how I 'professionally' posted that this business is mostly about waiting around to go onstage?
And how I always have the next score I have to learn with me? and a book? and my iphone?

Well. I have those three things here too (minus the iphone since I"m not paying that ridiculous amount per month for world service, thank you very much!)...and I still think I win the prize for BEST at doing NOTHING when I have to WAIT to do SOMETHING.

I arrived to rehearsal at 1:30 today for our costume run. Except, my costume wasn't ready. So I had 30 minutes to kill until the top of the act. Except, I don't sing at the top of the act.
So I have 25 more minutes to kill.
And then I sang my aria.
And then it was about 2:35. And then...it was 5pm and I had done NOTHING but sit in my dressing room.
I tried to read 3 pages of a new book.
I opened next-next-score...once.
I actually LOOKED for a pencil in my bag (and didn't find one..because I was using another bag last week and it got lost in the transfer) so that I could maybe WRITE something...like, a haiku.

Called to Rehearsal
Why isn't wi-fi working?
Hours til my aria.

Koenigin der nacht
Epitome of evil
Ten minutes of song.

Ok, time to get my things together and go back for ActII this evening.

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