25 July, 2010

what was i THINKING?

This morning we woke up at 8:30...well, 8:55...because we had to get on our bikes at 9am to meet a neighbor to do a RFT- rahdfahrtour!
They happen every week with racing bike clubs around the country.
No, I do not have a racing bike. No, I do not have one of those gel-butt riding shorts that make sitting on the saddle comfortable after an hour, and NO I didn't even bring my helmet because I THOUGHT we would be riding through the backwoods of Deutschland.
We arrived, signed in, and were off-- on a 42km ride!
It WAS actually fun, but since the ride was geared toward racers, it took place MOSTLY on highways and main streets where riders could zoom by my leisurely pace.

After my one hour nap in the middle of the afternoon I decided to take it EVEN further by RIDING MY BIKE to bikram yoga, sweating it out for 90 minutes, then riding back home through town.

ahhh! I am quite certain there will be some pain SOMEWHERE new tomorrow.

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