19 July, 2010

middle 'o summer audition

I suppose if I were still at a young artist program, summer auditions would be regularly scheduled- with all the passers-through including agents and GDs of other opera houses that come to see their artists and the operas for the summer season.
But here in Deutschland, most theaters have already begun their "ferien"...vaycays....
And so not much is going on in terms of auditions these days...except for today :)

After my very short and easy ICE train ride 1 hour away, I got to the opera house, warmed up, thought I'd be last and have to waste a lot of time, but turns out other people were late so I got to go earlier.

Sang Zerbie from so war through the end and it went really really well. Sadly, the panel didn't have time to hear a second piece because by the time I was finished there WERE people waiting to sing.

This was a weird audition because it was kind of for a fest position, but kind of for general consideration for future stuff, and ALSO weirder because the people at the opera house had already heard me (well, half of them) and hired me to sing Queen...

I still came in feeling like I didn't have anyone in my court...but it wasn't like I felt I had something to "prove" either. After all, they already know I can hit the F's and that Queen is the most requested piece for a coloratura here...so I just had fun with the Zerbinetta.
The pianist was PRETTY good- I mean not like NYC coach perfect (oh how I truly truly truly miss those talented few)...but he followed and we played a little, and my iphone recording from offstage turned out quite well! Well, at least to hear what I did...not to put it up on youtube or anything!! Too many background noises and calling the next singer to the stage, etc.

So- it went well. And the thing is..they all mostly go well. Unless I'm super sick.
I've said it before and I suppose I'll say it again...if I'm not sick, the voice is always there...it's not like I'm scared of cracking on any note (the F's, G's and yes Aflats when I so deem to add them in are there), not scared of the accompanist messing up EXCEPT on zerbinetta (only sing it now if i can practice with them), not generally scared of any word mess ups or other flubs...
and in general always just feeling fun, comfortable, free, and...me.
That's about it.
I can't be anybody else. Not their voice, not their persona...just lil' ole' me with my lil' ole' F's ... and then the waiting game begins.

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