01 July, 2009


There's nothing like a slew of side-projects to jump start my 's.i.s' (self-imposed-study) goals.

Score-2 is in the mail, Score-1 is being toted around wherever I go.
I am thinking about learning Fiakermilli- the whole role--since it's so small anyway-- just to have it done and ready in CASE that ever comes up..hey, it's shorter than Zerbinetta and it's actually being done quite a bit 'over there'.

I want to play with some new ideas for French and Italian arias. Not sure which ones yet...and maybe/most likely ones that I've learned/sung before, but have not necessarily used as audition pieces--that often.

Also, German. Need to study more every day..ok, that hasn't so much happened yet..at all. BUT the text books are next to me!

And then I pulled up the old musical that I was writing...(libretto) and am starting to have some cool ideas about that.

No, no, must concentrate on tasks at hand.
Opera1, Opera2, and upcoming audition season ass-kicking.

First, sleep.

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