02 July, 2009


That was so much fun! I just spent an afternoon singing through the entire role of opera.1.2010---
I haven't performed it since 2004, and boy--does it sound and feel different--in a REALLY good way!

What I have to figure out in the near-ish future are what cuts the company will be taking..as there are substantial repeated sections that are 'normally' cut, and also a few one page sections in 2 arias that are SOMETIMES cut, but sometimes..if the 'diva' wants them in, they stay...hmmm....is that MY decision this time? LOL...

So. I'm very reassured that this will be an easy and fun re-undertaking. Mostly some memory work, figuring out some new-er fun-er cadenzas, but in general, it seems to me like it will be great!

Now I'm waiting for score to opera.2.2010 to arrive so I can see what's in store for MORE french and french dialogue learning after this first French brush-up.

In financial news...I bought two round trip tickets to Europe today, as I have a wedding to return to in late September, and I am planning European-Invasion-Part-THREE for this upcoming Fall.

Ok, I will admit on a personal level, that yes, the MAIN reason (wow, am I even really admitting this?) that I am returning is for personal reasons....HOWEVER, I am going to take my work there seriously, as always, try to get every audition possible during that time period, and somehow try and make it known that I have a long list of roles completely prepared, already performed, and absolutely ready to SPRING EIN...ie, jump in...if ever someone should fall sick and need a last minute Queen of the Night to go rock the house.

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