05 January, 2010

the US

Ok people, I don't know what I did to make me the darling of delta airlines, but I got upgraded to business class- AGAIN! And this time there wasn't even a snowstorm or a re-routed flight to merit it! They just called me up all casual and stuff and were like- here is your new seat assignment ma'am- right before we boarded! Sweeeeeeet!

A. I feel SO spoiled
B. I think I gained 4 pounds on the flight- 4 meals, warm chocolate chip cookies! circulating toblerone bars and potato chips! Oh.No.
C. I could get USED to this!

In other 'am I ready' news?


I leave tomorrow for upcoming-gig!

STart rehearsal on THURSDAY! I mean, how much could we POSSIBLY do on Thursday that has to do with the 30 or so pages of dialogue I have to know? Hm.....I'm SURE not THAAAT much, right?
no, no...it's fine. I'll do a 'mental' run-through tonight, tomorrow on the plane, and tomorrow night before rehearsal-1!

Excited, and SUPER excited that my checked bag weighs 49.8 pounds!
Can you Handle THAT?!

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